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18 Travel Mistakes Not to Make in 2018

Traveling can be difficult, frustrating and even stressful if you ‘don’t know what you don’t know.’ As you make plans for your travels this year, be careful to avoid making these 18 common mistakes – especially if you want to save time, money, hassle and stress. Overspending on Your Travel – Save $$ by flying [...]

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Consider a Staycation This Summer!

Written by Chief Global Gal Brenda The summer seems to be slipping by so quickly… Don’t have the time or money for a family vacation this summer? Or maybe you'd like to avoid the hassle or stress of planning a trip on top of all the other “to do’s” in your life? Then consider a [...]

Road Trips vs. Train Trips

by Chief Global Gal Brenda McGuire I love road trips in the summer!  There's nothing like getting in your car and exploring your own beautiful country. But as my husband and I were making plans for our upcoming "road trip" to visit Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver, we were shocked to discover that our car rental [...]

Connect with the World—In Your Own Backyard!

Most of us, I think, would love to travel to distant destinations all the time if we could, but the truth is we usually can't. That doesn't mean that you can't find and enjoy influences of the world in your own backyard, though! In fact, today I'd like to talk about some of the ways that you can [...]

Traveling with Kids — Why You Should

Kids & Travel -- Why It's So Good For Them Traveling with kids isn't always easy, but there are a lot of reasons why it's good to give kids the chance to travel. Experts often talk about the benefits for children's development and social skills if they have the opportunity to live overseas, but even [...]

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Lessons Learned the Hard Way – Traveling By Bus

If you've ever traveled by bus across the United States, you may know that many long-distance buses are required to have a restroom onboard. This is not a universal rule though, and I learned the hard way that making that assumption is a mistake! Damyang's Bamboo Forest In 2012, while I was living in [...]

Colleen’s “Tips from the Road”

Last year while "Global Gal on the Go" Colleen was on the road in Europe she took a moment to sit down and think of some of the things she'd been doing to save money and make her funds go farther. Below are some of her top tips from the road, which she's been using since she started [...]

Money-Saving Tips from Chief Global Gal Brenda

Here are a few quick money saving tips for you on your travels from Chief Global Gal Brenda!  1. Sign up for web deals. Brenda recommends considering the following websites: Travel Zoo (Top 20 deals) GroupOn Getaways ShermansTravel (Top 25 Deals) Jetsetter VacationsToGo LivingSocial Deals (Escapes) Hotwire Deals 2. If you're really on a budget, don't forget to consider alternative [...]

It’s Cherry Blossom Season!

Enjoying Cherry Blossoms in Japan — A Bucket List Recommendation from a Global Gal Spring is officially on its way—in much of the world flowers are budding, grass is springing up from the ground, and migrating birds are returning from their winter roosts. And with spring, comes cherry blossom season. In countries like Japan, China, [...]

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