New Year, New Travels

By: Brenda McGuire – ‘The Global Gal’ Are you dreaming of traveling again to far-off places ─ or perhaps getting started traveling? Ready to get back out there and travel the world but frustrated by all the challenges Covid poses? Or, are you frustrated that Covid is delaying your travel dreams again and again… Well, [...]

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Traveling Solo in China?

Written by Chief Global Gal Brenda Recently I traveled to three major cities in China—Beijing, Tianjin, and Shanghai—and was pleasantly surprised by the ease of traveling alone as a solo gal! I have been coming back and forth to China since 1992, and each time I visit I’m amazed by how many changes—particularly with their [...]

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Summer Vacation – Visit a National Park!

Summer is officially here and this year, why not consider going on a vacation or trip to one of America's 400+ National Parks? With so many parks, there's bound to be one (or a lot more than one!) that piques your interest! Whether you want to go kayaking, enjoy star-gazing, hiking, fishing, or you want [...]

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Colleen’s Visit to One of the World’s Safest Countries: Iceland

Colleen at Gullfoss Waterfall, Iceland Last year I had the chance to check off a major bucket list item  a trip to Iceland! I had always wanted to see the Northern Lights and my trip coincided with the tail end of the peak season to see them. You can see the lights at their [...]

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A Newb’s Guide to Staying at a Resort Pt. 1

  Written by “Go-To Global Gal” Alyce In case you’re wondering, a “newb” (or “noob”) is a “newbie,” and until recently I was most definitely a newbie when it came to resorts—let alone staying at an all-inclusive resort. This blog post is for anyone else who finds themselves with plans to stay at a resort for [...]

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