Traveling Solo in China?

Written by Chief Global Gal Brenda Recently I traveled to three major cities in China—Beijing, Tianjin, and Shanghai—and was pleasantly surprised by the ease of traveling alone as a solo gal! I have been coming back and forth to China since 1992, and each time I visit I’m amazed by how many changes—particularly with their [...]

Summer Vacation – Visit a National Park!

Summer is officially here and this year, why not consider going on a vacation or trip to one of America's 400+ National Parks? With so many parks, there's bound to be one (or a lot more than one!) that piques your interest! Whether you want to go kayaking, enjoy star-gazing, hiking, fishing, or you want [...]

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Colleen’s Visit to One of the World’s Safest Countries: Iceland

Colleen at Gullfoss Waterfall, Iceland Last year I had the chance to check off a major bucket list item  a trip to Iceland! I had always wanted to see the Northern Lights and my trip coincided with the tail end of the peak season to see them. You can see the lights at their [...]

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A Newb’s Guide to Staying at a Resort Pt. 1

  Written by “Go-To Global Gal” Alyce In case you’re wondering, a “newb” (or “noob”) is a “newbie,” and until recently I was most definitely a newbie when it came to resorts—let alone staying at an all-inclusive resort. This blog post is for anyone else who finds themselves with plans to stay at a resort for [...]

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