Test Your Travel Trivia Knowledge!

Are you a travel trivia whiz? Know what the world's coldest city is? How about the language spoken by the 2nd largest number of native speakers in the world? Where can you find one of the earth's most active volcanoes? Do you know which city holds the title for the "largest by population"? Test yourself with our fun [...]

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Travel Safety – The World’s Kinder Than You Might Think…

Earlier this week we shared a little quiz with you, based off of findings from the most recent Global Peace Index report. If you haven't taken the quiz yet, be sure to take it before you read the rest of this post.  So, did the answers surprise you?             [...]

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Test Your Knowledge on Travel Safety!

Today's we've got a fun, short quiz for you to test your knowledge on travel safety around the world. Based on findings from the latest official Global Peace Index (GPI) report, published mid-2016, see how well you know just how peaceful different parts of the world are. Just click the button below to take the [...]

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