I am a 60-year-old journalist/writer whose life has been limited by a phobia about flying. I went everywhere I could go by boat, train or car, but if you had to fly to get there, I was not the gal for the job.Then Global Gals came into my life,and I met Chief Global Gal, Brenda McGuire. Global Gals’ program and Brenda’s life of travel first fascinated me, then inspired me,and finally challenged me to get on a plane. Because of Global Gals all my excuses for why I couldn’t fly to San Diego to see my daughter melted away, and I got on a plane and enjoyed it. I think the community of women that Global Gals creates is one of the greatest things Global Gals does because you see all these other women traveling and you start to think, “If they can do that, so can I.” Once I reached that point, the Global Gals’ helped me feel confident that I was well prepared for my exciting journey!
LaVonne Hammans
I bought myself a membership to Global Gals for Mother’s Day. Brenda McGuire is such an inspiration to be around and the tips she and her community give about travel are invaluable! You should consider signing up if you travel or are planning to.
Global Gal Crystal
Global Gals is the organization I have always dreamed of belonging to! Within my first months of being a Global Gals member, I got invited to a local celebration while traveling, and I now have friends in Barcelona who I could contact for housing, travel and restaurant info! At our Global Gals Barcelona meeting I met local women along with a US professor who was living there for the summer who had loads of recommendations for my questions. Having an organization, like Global Gals, allows me to rapidly connect, learn and share with other women about their travels and my travel dreams is really exciting! Global Gals has provided me huge cost savings by way of up to date, insider travel tips alongside the Global Gals member courses rapidly accessible online to prepare me for all my adventures!
Global Gal Joyce
“I LOVE traveling and always have. I have an online business I can take with me anywhere so my kids and I have a fun goal to travel to every state in the U.S as well as other places of course- and Global Gals gave me a ton of resources and brilliant advice not only to save money and time but tips about safety too. So- I felt so much better and more confident while traveling since joining Global Gals. Brenda, the founder, blows me away with the information she has gathered and freely shares with her extensive experience with traveling.”
Global Gal Crystal
At the first Global Gals meetup, we were asked to share the destination at the top of our bucket list – and mine was Egypt. How great to have everyone cheer me on! Through Global Gals connections, I quickly learned of a great trip being planned to Egypt by an area chamber group, and I will be joining them on a trip of a lifetime in just two months! Thank you, Global Gals!
Susan Judkins
“Not only has Global Gals inspired me to fulfill my travel dreams, it has provided me with valuable tools that have empowered me to achieve those dreams.”
Global Gal Jan
Global Gals is a great organization for women who want to increase their knowledge of travel from all aspects: budget, solo, business, student, leisure and older. It’s a group designed to increase confidence, meet traveling companions, share stories and explore the minds of fellow travelers. It’s fun, informative and addictive. Give it a try!
Global Gal Pamela S.