At Global Gals, our mission is to empower and educate women of all ages and backgrounds to live, work and travel the world. Our vision is to help 1 million women transform their lives through travel!

A Global Gal is…

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A woman who wants to travel the world


A woman who dreams of living abroad

A businesswoman looking to expand her international connections

A woman who enjoys learning about new cultures both at home, and around the world

What We Do

Adventurous. Curious. Imaginative. Determined. The Global Gal can be many things. Fresh out of college, she wears a backpack and is out to conquer the world’s adventures. Another Gal heads to Singapore for an executive business meeting. Some have long-dreamed of a trip with best friends. A cup of coffee at a Venice café, perhaps. Or a dusty excursion into the African plains. But of the many ages, nationalities and types of Global Gals, there’s a common bond: a passion for travel experiences. There’s also a common act: she’s ready to make that dream a real part of her life. We bring it all together here, sharing the passion for travel, building new friendships, and helping each Global Gal reach new places in her world.

Together we learn. Together we inspire. Together we travel.

Want to Make Your Travel Dreams a Reality?