Earlier this week we shared a little quiz with you, based off of findings from the most recent Global Peace Index report. If you haven’t taken the quiz yet, be sure to take it before you read the rest of this post. 

So, did the answers surprise you?

              Ponies in a field in Iceland

How many questions did you get right? Did you think the US would get the ranking that it did for safety/peace? 

For a lot of us, when we watch the news, the world can seem like a really scary or intimidating place. Think of it as the CNN effect—so much of what we see in the news are the tragic, heartbreaking incidents that are happening around the world and that can make any of us feel a little nervous about traveling overseas—no matter where we’re coming from!

But the fact is, while we may assume another country isn’t as safe as home, that isn’t always the case. More often than not, things will be safer and less scary than you expected, and one thing Chief Global Gal Brenda has learned through her extensive travels and time living overseas is this: the world is a lot kinder than the news lets on. People are often kind, generous, and willing to help you when you need it. During some of Brenda’s hardest moments overseas, again and again, she received help from people who didn’t know her well, or were complete strangers. It’s good to be cautious and important to use common sense when traveling, but don’t let your fear or your perceptions hold you back. There’s a big world out there just waiting for you to explore it!




And don’t forget—check back with us next week for Colleen’s story about her trip to one of the world’s safest countries on the Global Peace Index!