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Colleen’s Visit to One of the World’s Safest Countries: Iceland

Colleen at Gullfoss Waterfall, Iceland Last year I had the chance to check off a major bucket list item  a trip to Iceland! I had always wanted to see the Northern Lights and my trip coincided with the tail end of the peak season to see them. You can see the lights at their [...]

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Lessons Learned the Hard Way – Traveling By Bus

If you've ever traveled by bus across the United States, you may know that many long-distance buses are required to have a restroom onboard. This is not a universal rule though, and I learned the hard way that making that assumption is a mistake! Damyang's Bamboo Forest In 2012, while I was living in [...]

Get to Know “Go-To Global Gal” Alyce

Today we're talking to "Go-To Global Gal" Alyce to learn a little bit about her, her experiences, and how travel has impacted her life. We'll also be interviewing other Global Gals team members in the future, so be sure to keep an eye out for more "Get to Know" features!   What do you think [...]

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