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18 Travel Mistakes Not to Make in 2018

Traveling can be difficult, frustrating and even stressful if you ‘don’t know what you don’t know.’ As you make plans for your travels this year, be careful to avoid making these 18 common mistakes – especially if you want to save time, money, hassle and stress. Overspending on Your Travel – Save $$ by flying [...]

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Save Money with a Europass Bus Ticket

If you’re planning a trip to Europe and want to travel as cheaply as possible, a Europass bus ticket may be your solution! If you don’t have a strict time schedule and enjoy sitting back and relaxing, a bus pass is perfect for you. Eurolines offers unlimited travel between 53 cities across Europe. All you [...]

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10 Things to Do on a Plane

You have an excruciatingly long plane ride ahead of you. You’re looking forward to catching up on the latest films and TV series available on the in-flight entertainment. But, what do you do when you get to your seat and there is no screen on the back of the seat in front of you, or [...]

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Top 5 Tips for Traveling Light and Right

When I travel, I like to challenge myself. One of the challenges I typically face is packing. When you’re on the move a lot, having two giant roller suitcases, a purse, and a hat case is not only heavy and cumbersome but also screams, “TOURIST.” I choose to travel with a 40L backpack, which can [...]

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Backpacking Through Europe on a Budget

Global Gal on the Go embarking on her European adventure. At the beginning of 2016, I quit my corporate desk job in pursuit of traveling. My plan was to spend 5 months backpacking through Europe. I was confident; I felt like it would be easy. I had traveled to Europe before and this [...]

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“Women Globetrotters of History” – Kira Salak

Kira Salak (1971-) is a contemporary American explorer best known for her daring adventures, of which, she said, “In the beginning, my journeys feel at best ludicrous, at worst insane.” When she was only 24, she became the first woman to cross Papua New Guinea and after writing a book about her experience, Four Corners: A [...]

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“Women Globetrotters of History” – Gertrude Bell

“Are we the same people I wonder when all our surroundings, associations, and acquaintances are changed? Here that which is me, which womanlike is an empty jar that the passer by fills at pleasure, is filled with such wine as in England I had never heard of, now the wine is more important than the [...]

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“Women Globetrotters of History” – Harriet Chalmers Adams

Harriet Chalmers Adams (1875-1937) "I’ve wondered why men have so absolutely monopolized the field of exploration...I’ve never found my sex a hinderment; never faced a difficulty which a woman, as well as a man, could not surmount; never felt a fear of danger; never lacked courage to protect myself. I’ve been in tight places and have [...]

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“Women Globetrotters of History” – Mary Kingsley

Mary Kingsley (1862-1900) “West Africa amused me and was kind to me and was scientifically interesting.”  Born on October 13, 1862 in Islington, London, Mary Kingsley was the daughter and oldest child of doctor, writer, and traveler George Kingsley and Mary Bailey. After her parents passed—when she was only 30 years old—Mary was inspired to [...]

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“Women Globetrotters of History” – Alexine Tinne

Alexandrine "Alexine" Tinne (1835-1869) In speaking of Africa, Alexine Tinne once said, “I have been to that unknown region and I shall return to it again, perhaps out of instinct, like a fly drawn to a flame.” Alexine, as she preferred to be called, was a Dutch photographer, ethnographer, and explorer who traveled extensively in the [...]

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