There are loads of packing tips and tricks, but we’ve picked a few for this week’s TOP 5 Packing Hacks!

1. Roll it up! Many experienced travelers will tell you they always roll their clothes in their suitcase. Not only does it help save space, it can also help avoid excessive wrinkling.

2. Winning against wrinkles: Want to avoid using an iron (or packing a steamer—a BIG spacer-taker!)? Downy sells a travel-size 3 oz. spray bottle of Wrinkle Releaser Plus. If you spray it on your clothes around 20-30 minutes before you need to wear them (so it has time to dry), it should help get out any wrinkles.

3. Monitoring Weight: Investing in a good luggage scale can save you a lot in extra baggage fees over time. A lot of travel pros even
make sure they take it with them on their trip so they can make sure their souvenirs haven’t put them over the weight limit.

4. Shoe Space: Consider putting things like small fragile items, socks, underwear, or rolled power cords inside your shoes. Stuffing your shoes will save you space and can also be a great place to put something that needs a little extra protection.

5. Mind your Bras: Ladies, you probably know how easy it for your bras to get SQUISHED inside a packed suitcase—it’s awful. An easy way to avoid this problem, while also creating a great place to stuff more things, is to stack your bras and then fold them in the middle so the cups face out. (It should look a bit like a round ball that’s hollow in the middle). In the empty space you’ve created you can stuff underwear or socks, until there’s no space left—this will help you use “free space” while also making sure your bras stay firm and avoid getting smashed by the rest of your luggage. 

Bonus tip: Keep your liquids from spilling. Remove the lid and cover the opening with a sheet of plastic wrap, then put the lid back on—over the plastic wrap.