Here are a few quick money saving tips for you on your travels from Chief Global Gal Brenda! 

1. Sign up for web deals. Brenda recommends considering the following websites:

2. If you’re really on a budget, don’t forget to consider alternative accommodations. Examples include:

3. Consider sharing expenses: “The more the merrier.”

Brenda’s example: Looking on she found a 16th Century Tuscan Villa (with a private pool) called the Italy Villa Masa for $313/ night. The Villa sleeps 8, which means if you can get a group of friends together to split the price it would come out to ONLY $39/night per person. That’s as good as some hostels!

These money saving tips will ensure your dollar, Euro, or rupee is spread the furthest! Want to learn all the ways you can maximize your savings and find great travel deals? Keep an eye out for Brenda’s upcoming webinar, “Tips to Save Big $$ on Your Next Trip”available soon in the Global Gals shop!