Last year while “Global Gal on the Go” Colleen was on the road in Europe she took a moment to sit down and think of some of the things she’d been doing to save money and make her funds go farther. Below are some of her top tips from the road, which she’s been using since she started her travels again this year:

  1. Foreign transaction fees are AWFUL—look into travel credit cards with no fees so you don’t rack up extra charges.
  2. Dinner is often the most expensive meal; consider eating out for lunch instead.
  3. Opt for instant coffee packs instead of paying $5 for a cup of coffee. (Chief Global Gal Brenda’s advice!)
  4. The cheapest days to fly are often mid-week: Tuesday-Thursday.
  5. Check online for free entrance days at museums.
  6. If you have a student card, bring it! A lot of places will offer student discounts.
  7. Free walking tours in Europe are the best! Most major cities will have them and they last 2-3 hours. You leave a tip for your tour guide at the end.
  8. If you are feeling brave, consider looking into ride-sharing options ( They are usually much cheaper than a train ride. (i.e. 14 Euros to get to Cologne, 72 Euros to take the train!)