Considering the Once in a Lifetime Trip to Namibia? Read these facts before you go!

What if I’m traveling solo? No problem! All solo-travelers are welcome and we’d love to have you join us! You’ll be a part of a small group of other gals and we are even offering our “travel buddy” program for any ladies wishing to be paired with another solo Global Gal to share a room. If you’d rather have a room to yourself, you can also choose to do the single supplement and pay a little extra for private accommodations.

Is it safe? Crime in Windhoek is very low, rarely involving more than property loss.  -Common sense and “street smarts” should keep you and your belongings secure.  -A safe is always available in your room at GocheGanas.  -Namibia is not a zoo.  -The animals roam free, so you’ll be asked to have one of the GocheGanas guides accompany you if you go hiking.

Do I need shots or vaccinations? GocheGanas is situated in a Malaria free area as are most travel zones throughout much of the year. If you plan to travel beyond GocheGanas after your stay, you should talk to your doctor (or, preferably, a travel health clinic) about anti-malarial medication taken by mouth for a few days during your trip. You will need to check that your tetanus and polio vaccines are up to date and most importantly, remember to visit the CDC’s Namibia page to check on everything you might need or need to know.

What if I want to travel in Namibia before or after our “Learning Safari”? Whether you would prefer for a low-budget/high-adventure camping or horse-riding safari, a self-drive or escorted (off)road trip across the country, a leisurely houseboat cruise through Chobe, or travel between luxury lodges in a chartered aircraft, our partner is able to coordinate those arrangements. Indicate your preferences and we’ll connect you with a top-rated Namibian provider specialized in the type of travel experience you seek.

Do I need a visa? If you’re a US citizen, yes, you will need a visitor’s visa, which can be obtained when you arrive. You must have proof of necessary vaccines, at least 6 pages available in your passport for stamps/visa, and 6 months left on your passport. For all information and details visit  (For non-US citizens, please check your country’s government information regarding travel requirements to Namibia.)

What airport do I fly into? We recommend flying into Hosea Kutako International Airport (WDH) in Windhoek, Namibia. Most flights originating in North America and Europe fly to Windhoek via Johannesburg’s O.R. Tambo airport, although there is non-stop service from London or Frankfurt to Namibia. More than 40 major North American, European, Asian, and South American airlines offer daily flights to South Africa’s flagship airport, and it’s a quick and convenient flight onward to Windhoek.

For more FAQ, check NHT’s website.

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