Brenda’s Latest Best Selling Book – Performance 360: Success

Founder and CEO of Global Gals, and its sister company WorldWide Connect, Brenda R. McGuire, was most recently published in her third, best-selling collaborative book: Professional Performance 360: Success. In Brenda’s chapter, “Small World, Big Success” you can learn about her amazing story: how she got her start in a small town in Iowa and what eventually started her on a path round the world that ultimately led her to become a global business leader—all before she reached the age of forty! Brenda’s motivation, hard work, discipline, and strategic decisions—on a road that wasn’t always direct or easy—have made the success she enjoys today possible. In her chapter she discusses how her own journey has enriched her life, brought her connections and wisdom that have helped her continue moving forward, and how she started two successful international companies that allow her to share her passion with the world. She also shares her personal secrets for success and how you can take that step from, “dreaming it,” to, “making it happen.”

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Co-Authors: Richard Branson & Brenda McGuire

Performance 360: Special Edition: Success is a collaborative book, featuring a number of the world’s most inspiring authors and entrepreneurs, including Chief Global Gal Brenda McGuire and Sir Richard Branson. Everyone in this book shares two things: Success and Achievement. Together, they share their experiences—successes and pitfalls—in order to help others better understand what they need to achieve their own success. 

“As for what drives me, I would say my curiosity and wanting to learn about the world around me! To be successful in today’s world, my advice is to get out of your comfort zone, take calculated risks, and to seize opportunities for continuous learning. Take the road less traveled and blaze your own path.”

-Brenda McGuire, Chief Global Gal

A Sneak Peek Inside Brenda’s Chapter, “Small World, Big Success”

Performance: So how do you define success?

Brenda: For me, success does not equal power, prestige and possessions, but rather the ability to live your purpose and develop meaningful relationships with others in this small world. We are all blessed with different skills, abilities, talents and experiences, and it’s how we choose to apply them in our life and career that will determine our personal success. If you’re able to follow your dreams and do what you love, that’s success. When you pursue your purpose and your passion in life, chances are you’ll do it very well, and other results—such as financial rewards and business accomplishments—will follow.

Performance: You’re often referred to as “The Global Gal” in your efforts to help women take action on their travel dreams. Tell me more about your endeavors.

Brenda: Through my experiences, I realized that women had unique challenges when living, working and traveling overseas, so I founded Global Gals®. I knew I could help women of all ages to be more confident and savvy travelers. Whether women need help overcoming real or perceived roadblocks to travel, or are simply looking for a community of women who are interested in travel, Global Gals provides resources and support.

Performance: For many people, it can be difficult to move from “dreaming it” to “making it happen.” What drives you, and what advice do you have for others?

Brenda: I believe that goal-setting is fundamental to success, but you also need to start with big dreams. Otherwise, what are you working toward? Don’t put limits on your dreams based on your current situation, mindset and bank account. Think big. Be honest with yourself. Then, set your goals and take action so that your dreams don’t sit idle. Don’t wait for “someday” because that day may never come.

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About the Author:

          About the Author:

Brenda McGuire is an avid globetrotter, entrepreneur, and global business and travel expert whose international journey has taken her to over 70 countries on six continents. Wherever she is in the world, whether it’s backpacking in Europe, exploring the Amazon rainforest, interacting with the locals of Morocco or traversing the Australian outback, she feels right at home. Brenda is a frequent international speaker at conferences, corporate meetings, and industry events and has served as a guest lecturer aboard several cruise ships. An internationally recognized speaker, she won the acclaimed Speakers EXPY® Award. Sharing her experience and knowledge, she gives audiences the tools to succeed in business, travel, and cross-cultural understanding. She is also a two-time, #1 best-selling author with the books Answering the Call (with Lisa Sasevich) and The Soul of Success (with Jack Canfield of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series). Brenda is a two time Quilly Award winner with the National Academy of Best Selling Authors and was also awarded the Editor’s Choice Award for her contribution in both books.

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Brenda McGuire, known as the “Global Gal,” joined Lisa Sasevich and other leading experts from around the world to co-write the book Answering the Call: Experts and Entrepreneurs Reveal How They Said Yes to Success and You Can Too! She received the esteemed Editor’s Choice Award from the publisher, Celebrity PressTM, for her contributions to this No. 1 Best-Selling book. Brenda’s chapter, “Big Dreams – A Small World,” reveals how a passion for travel has turned into a successful global career and why she was inspired to launch her second company, Global Gals®. She also shares her Six Success Strategies to Achieve Your Travel D.R.E.A.M.S.

Soul of Success

Brenda McGuire and the World’s Leading Entrepreneurs & Professionals Reveal Their Core Strategies for Getting to the Heart of Health, Wealth & Success in The Soul of Success with Jack Canfield (Author of Chicken Soup for the Soul). In her chapter, “Small World, Big Connections,” which received the Editor’s Choice Award, Brenda shares strategies for effectively creating meaningful personal and professional connections in a cross-cultural world. She explains, “Through my international business experiences, I’ve learned the importance of understanding the culture you’re working with in order to avoid making embarrassing and costly cultural mistakes, which can lead to lost business opportunities, damaged relationships, and lost revenue.” Brenda received her second Quilly® Award from the National Academy of Best-Selling Authors after The Soul of Success achieved No. 1 international best-selling status.

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