If you’ve living abroad—or even just hoping to—we can help you understand the culture, handle emotional or logistical challenges, and make any place feel like home.

 You are an Expat Gal, if you are:

  • Moving overseas
  • Interested in living abroad
  • Relocating with your family to a foreign country
  • A business executive on an international assignment

Whether you are dreaming of living abroad, preparing for an international expatriate assignment, or following your spouse overseas, Global Gals can help you with your big move abroad.

Expert Expat Program: Your Roadmap to Overseas Success

This program, designed specifically for expatriates will:

  • Help you prepare, plan, and pack for your move overseas
  • Help you understand the psychological, emotional, physical, and logistical challenges of relocating internationally
  • Teach you valuable tips and resources learned from former expatriates
  • Give you the chance to develop the skills and knowledge needed for successful adaptation to life and work in the host country

Investing in these programs will help you feel more comfortable and productive in your new host culture, help you avoid costly mistakes simultaneously reducing the amount of conflict resulting from cultural differences, and make sure that you can be more productive, profitable, and meet your business objectives during your time overseas.

Global Gals has a team of cross-cultural experts around the globe ready to help you or your employees on their next international assignment. Whether you are moving for business or pleasure — or a combination of both — our programs will help you make sure that you are prepared for all of the unique challenges and opportunities that are a part of an international move.

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