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Travel is not as far away as you think. Your journey starts right here. Take a sip of real Italian wines, spot a cheetah on safari in Africa, meditate in Bali, and meet women who will change your life. These women are Global Gals. A community of people who believe in the transformative power of travel. We welcome you to join us on our next adventure as we inspire, educate, and empower women around the world. You’ve already taken the first step; scroll down and select your step two.

Global Gals Cultural and Beach Tour of Bali

October 10October 18, 2017

Cost: $2,595 + Airfare

Global Gals invites YOU on a magical adventure in paradise! Bali should be on every gal’s bucket list; it’s the vacation that has EVERYTHING—the world’s best shopping; ancient temples set in lush jungle scenery; fascinating wildlife; delicious food; delightful people; warm, tropical waters and best of all, massages at $5 an hour!

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Past Global Gals Trips

Whether you like traveling solo, or you prefer to travel with a group, we’re confident you’ll enjoy our Global Gals trips! Here at Global Gals we believe it’s important to create trips that give you ample time to relax, explore, and really dig deep into the local culture so that you’ll be able to get an experience that’s truly special, memorable, and life-changing. But not only that, you’ll have the chance to meet and connect with other Global Gals from around the world, create memories together, and quite possibly forge friendships that will last for years to come. Whether you’re looking for a trip in a far-away, exotic locale, or something a little closer to home, every year we try to design a few trips that are sure to inspire! Click the button below to learn more about the two amazing trips we’ve had most recently!

Looking for a Travel Partner?

Don’t want to travel alone? We have many women just like you searching for fun, trusted travel companions to enrich a trip by sharing experiences, helping each other, and adding friendship to the sense of adventure. Meet a Travel Buddy at one of our events or Meetups, and plan a trip together to a shared wish-list destination. Or, ask to be matched with a Travel Buddy on one of our group trips. Global Gals members can also be featured in our newsletter if you are looking for a Travel Buddy for a specific tour, cruise, or trip, as well. Sometimes the best way to experience a journey is together.

Learn to Plan Your Own Adventure

There’s a satisfaction in achieving your own dreams, in deciding where you want to go and finding a way to get there. But it’s not always easy to unravel how things work in foreign lands, cultural expectations, other languages, monetary differences, and more. But you can do it! We are always there to help, of course, but we can also train you to become your own capable, confident world travel agent. Go wherever you want in the world—and celebrate the freedom.

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