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Download Brenda’s Chapter for FREE

In Brenda’s chapter, “Small World, Big Success” you can learn about her amazing story: how she got her start in a small town in Iowa and what eventually started her on a path round the world that ultimately led her to become a global business leader—all before she reached the age of forty!

50 Fun, Fabulous Travel Tips for Global Gals on the Go!

Interested in learning some great tips for travel that cover a range of topics like packing, planning, health, money issues and more? Then download “50 Fun, Fabulous Travel Tips for Global Gals on the Go!”

Top 25 Safety & Security Tips

If safety and security while you travel is more of a concern, you can download Global Gals’ “25 Safety and Security Tips” for FREE today.

If you like this download and want to learn more, we offer a full Global Gals Guide to Safety and Security.

The Soul of Success

Check out Chief Global Gal Brenda McGuire’s second #1 Best-Selling Book, The Soul of Success, with Jack Canfield from the wildly successful Chicken Soup for the Soul series! Learn more and download Brenda’s chapter, “Small World, Big Connections,” for free!