Achieve Your Travel Dreams in 5 Easy Steps – LIVE Seminar


Join Chief Global Gal Brenda in Des Moines for a live seminar designed to help you get ready to turn to your dream trip into reality!


Get ready to travel the world!

In this live seminar, happening in Des Moines (Iowa), Chief Global Gal Brenda will give you a step-by-step roadmap on how to turn your dream trip into a reality! She’ll discuss how to overcome the 5 most common roadblocks to travel, the 3 P’s of designing your dream trip, and tips for connecting across cultures. You’ll also learn how to better enjoy the journey, make the most of your experience, and enjoy magical memories with your friends and loved ones!

To see when the next live seminar is happening in Des Moines, click here! Reserve your spot today for only $99!

Seminar location: Our Global Gals Headquarters at 6600 University Ave., Suite 219,Windsor Heights, IA  50324


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