“Travel Like a Pro” Live Seminar – Des Moines, Iowa

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To all you gals living in Des Moines, Iowa, we’ve got an incredible opportunity we know you won’t want to miss!

Join Chief Global Gal Brenda McGuire for a live, 3-hour seminar, “Travel Like a Pro,” happening at our Global Gals Headquarters in Des Moines!

No matter your age or background, this seminar is going to be packed with valuable information, tips, and tricks that Brenda has learned first-hand. After living in six different countries and 20+ years of travel taking her to 80 countries, Brenda has the experience and knowledge you need to:

  • avoid common pitfalls of travel
  • get the most out of your experience
  • take the plunge and go after that dream trip you’ve always wanted to take
  • feel confident, safe, and savvy when you travel
  • overcome common roadblocks that keep people from traveling like they were meant to do
  • save money on your travels so you can travel more often
  • packing efficiently so you don’t take your whole closet with you


In this live seminar, the Chief Global Gal will cover topics including:

  • Secret Savings Tips
  • Achieving Your Travel Dreams in 7 Easy Steps
  • Safety and Security for Women Travelers
  • Packing Light and Right
  • And so much more

Don’t miss out! Sign up today to learn from a real travel pro!

Brenda has experienced it all and she wants to share her lessons learned so that you can reap the benefits of travel without unnecessary hassles and stress. Join us for this live seminar, packed with valuable information, on May 22nd from 6-9PM and learn how YOU can travel like a pro!

Reserve your spot today at an amazing price of only $99


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