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Make a difference at home through travel

Travel has inspired you. Now you can empower others to discover the same rewards. Bring your love of world travel to your home town as a Global Gals Ambassador. Our Ambassadors are women who volunteer their time to work with and lead a Global Gals group in their own town, sharing travel tips and stories, building a supportive Global Gals community, and developing a bond over their shared passion. They foster an inclusive environment of learning, support, education and empowerment for women of all ages, backgrounds, and levels of travel experience. Travel can have a life-changing, transformative power, and it begins on one’s doorstep. The Ambassadors help women take the next steps from there.

What do Global Gals Ambassadors do?

Ambassadors make people happy. They share a love of travel. They build friendships. It’s easy. It’s fun. Our Ambassadors serve as the heartbeat of local Global Gals groups for a minimum of 1 year, helping lead, organize and set a positive tone. Some basic responsibilities include:

  • Lead the local Global Gals group
  • Represent your local group in our global network
  • Promote and organize at least 4 to 6 local Global Gals events and meet-ups each year
  • Recruit and welcome new members
  • Participate in quarterly update calls
  • Share your personal experiences to help other women who are just getting started
  • Coordinate communication between your group and the larger organization, and promote Global Gals activities, such as trips, seminars, retreats and more.
  • Have fun with your new group of Global Gals friends, and connect, learn, and share together.

There are many rewards to leading a Global Gals group:

  • Free annual Global Gals membership
  • Attend a free specialty travel seminar or webinar
  • Get 50% off a signature Global Gals training program
  • Free registration for qualifying Global Gals events worldwide
  • Meet other Global Gals, form priceless connections, and expand your professional and personal networks
  • Learn from other travelers to inspire your own travel
  • And celebrate the spirit of travel camaraderie, of that joy when you’ve helped someone achieve a travel dream. It’s something they’ll cherish. And you will too.
    Love travel. Live life.

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