Special Memories

Taking Wing to a Dream – Part 1

Story by Global Gal LaVonne Screaming in full-blown terror, my eight-year-old vocal chords competed with the squeal of the beat up Cessna spiraling in a high-speed descent for the snow-covered, jagged Alaskan peaks below. As the mountaintop moved into closer and clearer detail with horrifying speed, I saw the broken pieces of a small aircraft [...]

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Gypsy Hearts

Global Gals founder and CEO, Brenda McGuire is very fond of the saying, “It’s a small world.” In fact, it’s a sort of mantra with Global Gals, which is why what happened to me as I was zipping home from grocery shopping felt so right. As I slowed for the intersection that would start me [...]

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Olympic Magic

The Olympic experience is a wonderful sensory overload. I’ve been to four of them, and each has been magnificent. The many fascinating cultures and wonderful people. Spectacular ceremonies and events. Even a marriage proposal! When the world comes together, amazing things can happen. - By Chief Global Gal Brenda McGuire

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