Lessons Learned

More often than not, when we travel we learn a lot — about the people who live there, the land, the local culture, the food and the music, and about ourselves. Through our journeys we tend to pick up a few tips, tricks, and ‘lessons learned’ along with the usual mementos we try to cram in our suitcases before we head home. On this page, Global Gals share their tips, ‘golden rules’ and the lessons they learned during their travels to help others setting out on their own journeys.

Taking Wing to a Dream – Part 1

Story by Global Gal LaVonne Screaming in full-blown terror, my eight-year-old vocal chords competed with the squeal of the beat up Cessna spiraling in a high-speed descent for the snow-covered, jagged Alaskan peaks below. As the mountaintop moved into closer and clearer detail with horrifying speed, I saw the broken pieces of a small aircraft [...]

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Temple Terrors

Incense floated thick in the air. The monk’s voice boomed like the sea all around me as I sat with my eyes closed. But I couldn’t relax. My nerves were on edge. Until I realized that I had just allowed myself to experience something new and special. And it taught me a bigger lesson. By Alyce Howard

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