Don’t Be Afraid of Traveling Alone – Travel on Your Own and Live Your Dream

Did you ever think about leaving everything behind and living the life you want to live? Exploring the world, seeing with your own eyes beautiful wonders and nature we normally only see on TV or the internet?

I always thought I’d never be able to follow my dreams and leave my home country. I’d traveled before, but never on my own. I didn’t have friends that wanted to start a different life with me. So, why did I leave to travel around the world? Because I decided to fight my fears: I was afraid of traveling alone!

Of course you can travel with somebody else, but to find tbeccahe right travel partner isn’t easy. Most of my friends like to travel on their holidays, but would rather lie on the beach or at the pool and drink alcohol for weeks, rather than exploring the culture and meeting people from a different country. Being on your own gives your more opportunities and freedom. You can do what YOU like to do.

The Biggest Step is to Start

I was never a self-confident person—too much weight on my hips, not able to talk to strangers, and my English vocabulary was pretty much nonexistent.

Thinking back now, my life was boring. I went to work, came back home, and sat in front of the TV. But I didn’t want it to be that way.

It’s easy to sit at home and dream of what you want, but making the first step is hard. The reason I made the first step was my family. I finished my apprenticeship and wanted to start a “normal” life. I didn’t want to be stuck with a job I didn’t like!

I went online and searched around. I applied for a visa in Australia and before my family and friends knew, I had booked a flight to the other side of the world.

Becca working on a cattle farm.

Becca working on a cattle farm.

Friends and Family Will Try to Talk You Down

I was excited after booking my flight, but I made the right decision to keep it a secret for a while. My family and friends tried to talk me out of going alone, because I wasn’t a person “like that.” It wouldn’t be safe, they said. I would come back after a couple of days, they said. “It is not you!”

But, they were wrong!

Leaving, traveling, and living on my own made me stronger, more self-confident and happier than I have ever been. I sometimes think that they tried to talk me out of it, because they are afraid of taking the first step!

I Expected Something Different

I wasn’t actually quite sure what to expect. I thought I would travel and find people on the way. (I did!) I thought I would see amazing places. (I did!) But I also got so much more!

I am doing what I love to do. I worked in places I would never have expected to work at. The experiences I have gained in the last 2 years were the best of my life so far! And what am I doing now? I’m still going!

I met my partner in Australia, the love of my life. I’m working, coming home, and sitting outside and letting the sun shine on my face. I go to the beach with friends and take time to explore the amazing country of Australia.

I am finally living and I love my new life! When will you start to live the life you want?

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Hi, my name is Becca and I am a travel blogger from Germany, now living in Australia. I started alone, but met my partner on the road, travelling together and sometimes apart. Have a look for more stories, ideas and motivation on Kanguru Adventure, or Facebook.