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Dreams matter. Not just having dreams, but having them happen. Global Gals was created in this spirit, an international company whose mission is to encourage, empower, and educate women of all ages so that they can reach their travel goals. Through specialized travel seminars, retreats, cultural training, networking events, and more, Global Gals helps women overcome roadblocks to experience the joys of travel success. Our passion is travel. Our friendly and knowledgeable network encompasses most of the globe. But our focus is small. It’s to help you, one woman at a time, make a travel dream happen.

  • Become A Global Gal
    Become A Global Gal
    Together we learn. Together we inspire. Together we travel.
  • Take a Trip
    Take a Trip
    Travel with confidence. Travel with us.
  • Work Globally
    Work Globally
    Our cross-cultural expertise makes you an international success.
  • Connect Across Cultures
    Connect Across Cultures
    Create memories and make new friends in this small world.
  • Travel like a Pro
    Travel like a Pro
    Learn from our family of travel experts and enthusiasts.
  • Live, Work & Study Abroad
    Live, Work & Study Abroad
    Pack your bags. Unpack your potential.

Learn How to Live, Work & Travel the World

Be safe, savvy and successful. Global Gals—Your premier destination for travel education.

Meet Our Founder &
Chief Global Gal

Brenda McGuire

Travel & Cultural Expert, #1 Best-Selling Author, and Global Business Executive

Travel is my joy. Helping others is my passion. I’ve been there—discovering new cultures and at times enduring travel challenges. That’s why I created Global Gals, to inspire and empower women to travel.

Learn more about me at the link below. Come join us on the journey!

Meet Our Team

Our Global Gals Community

Thousands of Women Strong. Crossing Seas, Touching Continents. Connecting Cultures.

Join Us!

Which Global Gal Are You?

From young to young-at-heart, our classes and community support all types of Global Gals.

College Gal
Expat Gal
Business Gal
Travel Gal

Stories from the Road

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Upcoming Events and Trips

  1. Global Gals Meetup in Phoenix

    January 26 @ 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm
  2. African Safari in Namibia

    February 18 - February 23
  3. global gals trips

    Girlfriends Getaway: Turks and Caicos

    September 28 - October 2
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Global Gals is a great organization for women who want to increase their knowledge of travel from all aspects: budget, solo, business, student, leisure and older. It’s a group designed to increase confidence, meet traveling companions, share stories and explore the minds of fellow travelers.  It’s fun, informative and addictive. Give it a try!
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